How to trade?

Step 1

Register now
  • You can become a client of the Company after a quick registration in 15-20 minutes.

Step 2

Refill your account
  • The minimum amount to create a trading account is 100 USD.

Step 3

Start trading

FMA Trader Pro 


Step 4

Trade and profit!

Additional features for the trader

Risk Management

Literate and helpful risk management system protect the trader's capital from unexpected losses. Freemont Management SA does not make money on client losses. It is profitable for the company to limit losses and prolong the life of each client's deposit.

Demonstration of trade withdrawal

Freemont Management SA's unique feature will show every trader the output of his trades to external counterparties in online mode. Freemont Management SA not only affirms but also confirms the transparency of its work and the honesty of its relationships with customers.

Trader's contest

Freemont Management SA is constantly selecting effective trading strategies. Any trader with a quality trading history can apply to participate in trader contests.
  • Providing capital for trading.
  • Providing investments to the Company.
  • Increase the rating of the Managed account.

To start investing, you need to register and fund your account