How to invest?

Step 1

Register now
  • You can become a client of the Company after a quick registration in 15-20 minutes.

Step 2

Refill your account
  • The minimum amount to start investing is 1000 USD.

Step 3

Choose a ready-made investment account and open a deposit.

Step 4

Make Profits.


A unique technology that allows the investor to create and close investment accounts instantly, as well as build the desired returns. All this is available for investments from 1000 USD.

Investor statistics

The rating is "A" and all accounts are standardized on maximum losses per week. As a result, each account can have up to 6 multi-copies with different degrees of "aggressiveness" of trading.

Risk Management

Competent and useful system of risk management will protect the trader's capital from unexpected losses. Freemont Management SA does not make money on client losses. It is profitable for the company to limit losses and prolong the life of each client's deposit...

To start investing, you need to register and fund your account