For Beginners

The Company understands how difficult it is for a novice investor to understand the intricacies of investing, and how much the results of his work depend on it.

We want you, as soon as possible, to get the necessary knowledge and skills for the possibility of profitable investment or find an investment advisor who can control your investment, because it depends on how you will be satisfied with working with our company.

To support beginners, we have organized the possibility of working with an individual consultant or with an agent who is a member of a special group.

Your deposit

Over 100 USD

You can work with a personal manager. A personal manager is assigned to you as soon as your deposit amounts to 100 USD, and will provide support for any questions that may arise.

The Personal Manager is an employee of the Company, so his competence includes assistance in the following areas:

  • deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • investments in Companies;
  • agency activity;
  • trading in the Company;
  • privileged statuses.

If your deposit is 100 USD and you have not been contacted by your personal manager within a week, please report it to Technical support service, and we'll make an appointment for you right away.

Over 10 000 USD

If you do not have an agent or your agent refuses to work with you, you can ask the Company to assign you one of the Company's trusted agents.

The trusted agent is not an employee of the Company, therefore, his competence may not include assistance in areas related to internal activities of the Company, such as: deposits and withdrawals, issues of execution of trade orders, etc. The trusted agent is an information consultant on issues:

  • deposit and withdrawal of funds;
  • site functionality and information;
  • investments in Companies;
  • trading in the Company;
  • privileged statuses;
  • compiling investment portfolios.

Having an agent does not cancel out the presence of a personal manager.

The company strongly recommends that you work with the agent/consultant whose referral you were at the time of registration with the company, and only in case of his refusal to support you, or personal conflict, submit a request for transfer to a trusted agent.

Each application for a change of agent is considered individually. A change of agent may be denied without explanation.

To start investing, you need to register and fund your account