Deposit and withdrawal of funds

MethodDeposit MethodAccepted CurrenciesAmount LimitationsDeposit timeCommission1
Visa/MasterCard Visa/MasterCard USD/ CHF/ EU/ RUB unlimited instant 0
Advanced CashAdvanced CashUSDunlimitedinstant0
Qiwi WalletQiwi WalletRUBvariesinstant0
Yandex MoneyYandex MoneyRUBvariesinstant0
Perfect MoneyPerfect MoneyUSDunlimitedinstant0
BitcoinBitcoinBTCunlimitedup to 24 hours0
RippleRippleXRPunlimitedup to 24 hours0
LitecoinLitecoinLTCunlimitedup to 24 hours0
Bitcoin CashBitcoin CashBCHunlimitedup to 24 hours0
DashDashDASHunlimitedup to 24 hours0
DogecoinDogecoinDOGEunlimitedup to 24 hours0
ZCashZCashZECunlimitedup to 24 hours0
MoneroMoneroXMRunlimitedup to 24 hours0
SHIBShiba InuSHIBunlimitedup to 24 hours0
SolanaSolanaSOLunlimitedup to 24 hours0
BytecoinBytecoinBCNunlimitedup to 24 hours0
TRONTronTRXunlimitedup to 24 hours0
Ethereum ClassicEthereum ClassicETCunlimitedup to 24 hours0
StacksStacksSTXunlimitedup to 24 hours0

Please note that Freemont Management SA does not charge additional transaction fees. However, additional fees may be charged by your payment service provider. Please check with your payment service provider for information on fees.

MethodWithdrawal MethodMinimum amountProcessing timeCommissions*
VisaVisa/MasterCard10 USDin an hour0
Advanced CashAdvanced Cash1 USDin an hour0
PayeerPayeer1 USDin an hour0
Qiwi WalletQiwi Wallet1 USDin an hour0
Yandex MoneyYandex Money1 USDin an hour0
Perfect MoneyPerfect Money1 USDin an hour0
BitcoinBitcoin0.00080000 BTCup to 24 hours0
RippleRipple1 USDup to 24 hours0
LitecoinLitecoin1 USDup to 24 hours0
Bitcoin CashBitcoin Cash1 USDup to 24 hours0
DashDash1 USDup to 24 hours0
DogecoinDogecoin1 USDup to 24 hours0
ZCashZCash1 USDup to 24 hours0
MoneroMonero1 USDup to 24 hours0
NEONEO1 USDup to 24 hours0
Bitcoin DiamondBitcoin Diamond1 USDup to 24 hours0
BytecoinBytecoin1 USDup to 24 hours0
TRONTRON1 USDup to 24 hours0
LiskLisk1 USDup to 24 hours0
EOSEOS1 USDup to 24 hours0

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